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This April has been filled with great life stories and I would be lying if I didn’t love the ending.

If you notice I changed my blog around. This wasn’t on purpose so I thought but rather because I needed to update my wordpress to a current version. Well, let me tell you kids. Back up Back up Back up! I never backed up and copied over the files for some reason only God knows and lost all my blog posts!! I screamed after I did it. No joke. Haven’t done that since I asked out my first girl on a date. Well I am slowly recovering as I now have to change my blog theme and add back in all my old posts again.

Now on to the good news…

This month started out with a great easter. I turned 28 in March and for some reason I felt different. I think the age is coming into play in my life and I needed a change. Easter was the first time on a holiday I sat on a couch with my family and didn’t move for 8 hours. Felt like Peter Gibbon’s from Office Space because I must have had the biggest smile on my face. I actually relaxed! Its like learning how to bike ride except I forgot many years ago and I am just learning to enjoy and appreciate the people I surround myself with and the family with which I have been blessed to have.

There will plenty of exciting news in the months so please stay tuned because I feel this is a turning point in my story… And we all know that turning points are the best part of a story.;)