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Something Beautiful

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The other day I had such a great moment that was so close to simplicity that I couldn’t bear not talking about it. Over the last two and a half years and a short break Brooke and I have been in a serious relationship. From the moment I saw Brooke on our first date in a Dive bar I always loved her. She has this quality that let you know she wasn’t perfect but what she had to offer put anyone else to shame. Our love is something I would never describe as simple though. We have worked hard to be together and she has been the rock in my life. Something that I can count on.

Her Daughter, Kate, on the other hand is simple. A beautiful almost 6 year old that makes your see the world between 3-4 feet in height.  Its amazing to see her grow for over 2 years. She is becoming her own person. Something I never expected to see. She loves me and I can honestly say I love her too.  I don’t have any children of my own but at the Age of 28 I never expected I would at this point. Kate lets me see and feel what its like to be a parent and I must say that its one very powerful emotion. Truly one of the greatest gifts you can have in this world.

This simple girl and her not so simple mother have been my best friends and I can say without question I can’t wait to see the future.