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Rachel’s Favorite Image – YMCA Performance at NWI Wedding Reception

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Today’s Favorite Image is from another great wedding in Northwestern Indiana, this time with Abby and Bryan’s great group of friends and family at the Sand Creek Country Club.  Joshua has known Abby’s family since childhood and has been good friends with her brother, Ryan, for a long time.   Their NWI wedding photos show that this group has a great sense of humor and knows how to party, and having gotten to know Ryan myself last summer, I can attest to the hereditary sarcasm they share that is so funny.

Which is why I absolutely love this photo from Abby and Bryan’s reception of some guests performing the YMCA on the dance floor.  Their wedding was a complete riot and this performance was just one of several instances where everyone was in fits of laughter.  The day was a perfect celebration for a couple who pokes fun at each other and makes sure to never take themselves too seriously.


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