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Rachel’s Favorite Image – Rob and Patty’s Wedding

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I knew my favorite image from Rob and Patty’s wedding in the moment that the shutter clicked.  The ceremony had just ended and Rob and Patty were the first ones back down the aisle and through the doors.  Before any of the wedding party or guests could exit, they had quickly stolen away to a small alcove that was hidden away off to the side.  I generally sit at the back during the ceremony so that I can make sure the doors are open and light streaming in when the couple exits, so both Joshua and I got to witness this quiet moment between the newlyweds before their guests joined them in celebration.  I like to think that they took this quick opportunity to address each other for the first time as ‘husband’ and wife’ and exclaim, “we did it!”

Seeing these special moments are what make working at Joshua Albanese Photography one of the most awesome jobs ever.