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Rachel’s Favorite Image – Mike & Jestene’s Wedding

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I almost, almost, almost picked a photo of Jestene’s pretty pink Louboutins for my favorite image from Mike & Jestene’s wedding, but that would be too easy.  Instead, I selected this image from the groom’s preparation.

So much time and effort is put into the bride’s preparation for the wedding day, and generally it seems that the grooms get a little….neglected.  I mean, there’s no makeup or hair artist there to transform them, they’re not putting on the tuxedo they’ve dreamed of since little boys.  There seems to be so little preparation and excitement surrounding the groom, at least compared to brides.  The reason I love this image is because the guys who were there to stand by Mike helped him to create those special moments.  Seeing the groom help this little ring bearer with his socks and shoes almost makes my ovaries explode.  And it certainly doesn’t hurt that Mike is rocking the open shirt look with those washboard abs.  Rawr.