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Rachel’s Favorite Image – Dan & Keri’s Wedding

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I’m not sure if it’s because they were my first wedding with Joshua Albanese Photography or if it’s just because she was so incredibly kind, but I developed a bit of a girl-crush on Keri at her and Dan’s wedding at the Joliet Union Station in April of this year.

I thought she looked like a bride straight out of the roaring twenties with her feathered Ines DeSanto gown and flawless porcelain skin – a complete and refreshing change from the super-tanned and sometimes over-styled brides of the 21st century.  And not only were she and Dan super nice and stylish, they could sing!  They performed a duet to kick off the reception and there was a moment where both Ben and I were stunned into stillness by their talent – Josh had to shoot us a couple of looks to jolt us back into action.

At dusk, we stepped outside to the balcony with Keri to take advantage of the fun, vintage light posts and Joshua captured this beautiful image of Keri.  My favorite thing about this image is that there is almost no way to pinpoint a date – with the dress, the bride, and the light post, it could come from almost any decade.


I had so much fun with them at their wedding, and I’m (somewhat jealously) following their travels across Europe as cruise line show performers.  I hope they have safe travels and hope to see them when they return to the states!