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My Favorite – Landscape image of the week

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Inspiration isn’t always pre-planned or thought out. Sometimes it’s just a light from a reflected building that peers into my window and strikes my peripheral vision. This is just what happened on New Years Eve 2011.

It was a beautifully chilly day in Chicago and I was inside working on a personal project with no real plans for the evening other than relaxing and watching as many movies as I could. In my line of a work I don’t get many days in which I can focus on editing without answering emails or phone. So holidays are my chance to focus on…well… me.

What I love about this image is the rolling clouds from behind the building catching the sunset just right. Shooting to the east allowed me to burn in the light more grabbing a much better exposed image from sky to city streets. I have always been fascinated with the city of Chicago and this image pretty much reminds me why every time I see it. A phoenix that rose from the ashes in the 19th century and created a functionally clean and architectural marvel.

This image was shot on a 5D Mark II with the 16-35mm. It was processed with Nik Software HDR Efex.