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Katherine Harris Actor Spotlight – Chicago Headshot Photography

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We get the opportunity to meet so many incredible people when shooting headshots for Chicago actors – folks who have charm, charisma, and flair in spades.  During the shoot, we get to find out their inspirations for acting and their dreams for making it big.  Now, we know that you’ll likely see some of these people on the big screens, but we’d like to give you a chance to get to know these entertainers personally.   We’ve developed a new feature here at Joshua Albanese Photography to highlight some of our talented clients and share some of the details about them and promote their cause.  We hope you enjoy!

Name: Katherine (Kat) Harris

How did you get started in acting?

 I started acting formally when I was 13 years old. I remember being so fascinated by being other people, because here are so man fascinating people and stories in the world. My mother was assembling a program at Purdue University, where she worked. There was a segment of the program that involved three one act plays, and I was attending the rehearsals with my mom. There was an actress in one of the plays that could not grasp her character. I kept saying to myself I can do her part. I knew I had the ability to live the life of the woman and tell her story. I was literally saying her lines to myself as she was rehearsing them. The director kept rehearsing the actress and she was not able to fulfill her needs, and I was given a chance to audition for her part and that was my very first play.

What type of schooling did you take (if any) and have you found it instrumental to your success?

I live in Hollywood now and there is such a broad selection of classes to take. Most recently, I have studied at the Margie Haber Studio in West Hollywood, CA. It was a delightful experience! There is no method or special technique that is used. They actually teach you how to unlearn acting and really become the life of the person. I have taken two classes so far, and I love them! When I was in Chicago, I took classes at The Acting Studio and Second City, which I loved as well. I have studied at both DePaul University and Illinois State University for formal schooling. Experience is and will always be the best teacher.

Who is your current agent or representative?

BMG Models LA

Do you have a favorite technique you use when approaching a role?

I really like to fall in love with the person and discover what their purpose is. I like to let the process be organic. The best way is to have fun with learning who they are, what they are, and what their relationships with the other characters are.

What is your dream for your future in this industry?

I intend to have a body of work I am proud of, that’s timeless, and most important a body of work that inspires people. i intend to be an entertainment mogul. I intend to have a very iconic career in film, television, and business. My number one goal is to inspire billions and billions of people with my life and my work.

Any favorite moments from a play, commercial, or film that made you feel great?

I shot a pilot recently and watching, and it was the first time I really loved the sound of my voice. I always thought my vocal tone was weird sounding, now I love it!

How do you feel about the state of the Chicago (film, theatre, or commercial) industry?

There has been an exponential amount of growth in the arts & entertainment community in Chicago. In order for Chicago to reach its greatest potential I think it could use more support. Teamwork makes the dream work and it takes a collective effort for success. Chicago can easily become an entertainment mecca like New York or Los Angeles with the right amount of support and opportunity.



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