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Jason and Kathy – Skokie Valley Synagogue Wedding

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Don’t let their laid-back nature fool you – Kathy and Jason know how to throw a PARTY.  The stories from their wedding were so incredible they almost couldn’t be believed.  The pictures don’t lie, though – and there is evidence of marshmallow-roasting on the dance floor.

When we arrived at Kathy’s parent’s house – which was filled with some amazing artwork – the action was in full swing.  The ladies from Leesi B Cosmetics had set up shop in the back of the house, taking advantage of the light coming through the full wall of windows.  Laughter and a slight peppery smell (from the bloody marys) added to excited atmosphere.

We planned to surprise Jason with their first look, so Kathy quickly slipped into her Liz Fields dress with some help from her mother.  Their wedding banner provided the perfect accessory for some cute images.

Since we were so close to the Evanston coastline of Lake Michigan, we decided to head over to the shore and cool off with the breeze.

Both the ceremony and the reception were held at the Skokie Valley Agvdath Jacob Synagogue.  Jason and Kathy had a Jewish Orthodox wedding, and the synagogue provided the perfect setting.

Now, I have to say that one of the best parts of this job is being able to learn all the ways that different cultures and religion celebrate marriage.  Jason & Kathy’s ceremony was rich with tradition, beginning with the Kabbalat Panim, the pre-nuptial receptions for men and women.  Jason joined the men for the signing and reading of the tena’im, which was celebrated by toasts and singing and the mothers breaking a plate (representing the finality of the tena’im).

The men then proceeded down the hall for the Badeken, led by Jason and the fathers and singing joyously the whole way.  Jason made his way to Kathy, who was seated on an ivory throne and surrounded by her mothers and grandmothers.  Jason placed the veil over a very happy blue-eyed bride.

The ceremony was kicked off by the entrance of these two adorable flower girls.  Kathy followed down the aisle to meet her parents and move forward to Jason, waiting patiently in his kittel under the chuppah.  Once she reached him, she circled him several times, creating a symbolic wall around him and then joining him inside.

At the conclusion of the kiddushin and nisu’in, Jason stomped and shattered the glass to the many well wishes of Mazal Tov!

This pogo stick is only a small hint of the celebration and shenanigans to come.

While Jason and Kathy were in the Yichud Room taking a moment alone together, the teams from Danziger Kosher Catering and ArtQuest LTD were putting the finishing touches on these beautiful tables. The combination of the lace tablecloths, colorful plates, and beautiful centerpieces took my breath away.  Stunning!

Jason and Kathy entered the reception to what I can only describe as merry chaos.  I have never seen such revelry and dancing in my whole time at Joshua Albanese Photography.  The dance floor was separated into men and women by the mechitzah and was so packed you could barely see the tops of the divider.

There were props, pyramids, 4-man push-ups, and the most amazing sight ever – a guest handed Jason and Kathy mini-marshmallows on sticks, lit a fire in his hat, and invited them to roast their marshmallows out of his hat.  Incredible.

Words cannot describe how crazy fun this reception was – and I’m sure some of those funky glasses, leis, and sparkle-wands made it into the guests’ photo booth strips, courtesy of Shurtterbooth.  Good times were most certainly had by all.

Kathy & Jason, thank you so much for letting us be a part of your wedding celebration.  Your families kept us giggling throughout the day with their hilarious sense of humor and we can’t wait to hang out with you again!



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