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Helpful Tips for Brides with Strapless Wedding Dresses

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I totally encourage brides with strapless dresses to look into this option. It should be a simple alteration that any seamstress can do, and it will allow you full range of motion which not only looks great in photographs, but is also incredibly more comfortable.

We recently had the opportunity to shoot Dan & Keri’s Wedding at the Joliet Union Station, and among other things, we were totally impressed with the construction of her dress. You see, Keri’s Ines DiSanto gown was altered to include a snap button at the top of the bust so that it would snap into place with her strapless bra. Genius! Everything stayed in place perfectly, which is often a challenge with strapless dresses.

Thanks, Keri, for letting us in on your secret!


Bra Snap for Wedding Dress