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Every Year there is something amazing. It happens to all of us and we always find time to reflect and smile. sigh.. I love the actually reflecting time. Its as if we have a literal projection on inside our head and we are able to watch it like a home movie. What a unique feature any what a great purpose it serves. Our Lives are like yo yo’s and those good reflections gives us the hope we can climb out of any problem we face ahead. Its a marvelous ability and I hope other animals are as lucky as we are to reflect on great times as we do.

I have opened up my business to focus my attention on 2 areas of business. I have decided to start offering more dates for my 2010,2011 wedding season. While I have restricted myself to only 15 weddings a year I feel that focusing on this area will allow me the greatest reward and that’s to work with people that are in love. I don’t have a number to the limit but I want to just shoot til my fingers get numb.  Shooting 3 destination weddings in 4 weeks should be a great start to the season.

Santa brought me a nice present this year. I don’t know how he fit it in his bag but I am sure he had to install an extended cab in the sled.  As some of you know that I was struck by a semi in July and it totaled my car. I was fine but it left Wolverine like rips into the uni body of my car. My car was the can and the truck well… he was a can opener. This car was old but it was my baby and I loved the “Grocery Getter”. This name stems from me own a Subaru Legacy Wagon at the age of 22. Now mind you I loved this car to bits and I think I looked fashionable in such a earthy AWD but all my friends disagreed and labeled it. You know how label stick forever.  Well, after the accident I decided to live the Chicago lifestyle and not own a car for several month but truth be told it horrible. I like to just leave this crowded place and escape. Also I need to drive to shoot weddings and I put about 25k a year on a car just for that. I searched and pined for a whole month. I was almost going to just give up and buy a car that wasn’t right for me but at the end of December I ended up finding the car of my dreams. A 2006 Lexus RX 400H. It everything I was looking for in a vehicle and offered a warranty that sealed the deal. Its a Hybrid Model and drives so very smooth. I am forunate to even be able to look at these cars but to own one was never in the cards. I met with the great used car sales department of McGrath Lexus off of Division. David Moore was very helpful and offered some of the best assisting in a vehicle purchase I have ever received. bottom Line…. He was a great salesman even drove me over the the bank so I can get the down payment (I forgot it) and also enough time for me to lose my phone AGAIN!! 4 times this year!! arrgggg!!!! Hulk ANGRY!!

I don’t know if I am deserving of a car yet  and while I have some big shoes to fill I believe this purchase has been the most exciting of my adult life. I am very proud to own such a great car company and I hope my brand someday can be synopsis with the quality like Lexus.

Photo Credit to Robyn Martin. Just a really cool shot of me and my car on Fulton Market. My studio is just to the left of this intersection and I have always wanted a picture of me on this street.

  • January 5, 2010 - 12:28 pm

    Nichole Frank - Congrats Josh! It’s so very “you” and so very “city!” 🙂 Best wishes for prosperity and most importantly FUN in the new year! I hope to make it to a few PUG meetings this year (one of my resolutions) so hope to see you sooner than later. (After this baby is born, of course!)ReplyCancel