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Dylan Thomson Actor Spotlight – Chicago Headshot Photography

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We get the opportunity to meet so many incredible people when shooting headshots for Chicago actors – folks who have charm, charisma, and flair in spades.  During the shoot, we get to find out their inspirations for acting and their dreams for making it big.  Now, we know that you’ll likely see some of these people on the big screens, but we’d like to give you a chance to get to know these entertainers personally.   We’ve developed a new feature here at Joshua Albanese Photography to highlight some of our talented clients and share some of the details about them and promote their cause.  We hope you enjoy!

Name: Dylan Thomson

How did you get started in acting?

I have loved movies ever since I was little and the ability of actors to portray themselves as different characters in different movies. I took that love and started acting in plays in high school.

What type of schooling did you take (if any) and have you found it instrumental to your success?

I took drama throughout high school and that is where I realized how many different techniques go into the art of acting. After I graduated I started taking classes at Second City in Chicago which has really boosted my confidence as an actor.

Who is your current agent or representative?

Babes ‘n Beaus Talent Agency

Do you have a favorite technique you use when approaching a role?

My favorite technique when approaching a role is reading the script over and over until it’s like a song. Then I really try to connect with the character and the story. I know I’ve got it when that character basically becomes my alter ego.

What is your dream for your future in this industry?

My dream is first to be a working actor in Hollywood then it is to get into films where hopefully one day I’ll be standing in front of the world giving my Oscar speech.

Any favorite moments from a play, commercial, or film that made you feel great?

One favorite moment of mine was when I Played Picasso in Picasso at the Lapin Agile. There was a scene where I needed to get intimate with another character. My grandmother was in the audience in the front row, two feet from my face. I was able to stay in character and carry out the scene.

How do you feel about the state of the Chicago (film, theatre, or commercial) industry?

I feel there are many acting opportunities here in Chicago. It would be great to see even more in the future.

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