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DWF Convention 2009

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DWF Convention 2009

This was my first Wedding Photography Convention which was held in Carefree, Arizona at the Carefree resort.  This Convention was open to only 500 photographers worldwide for us to grow as small business owners.  I arrived at Care free resort at one day before the opening ceremony I am staying with my friend Robyn for the entire week. It was was a really beautiful Villa. Everything in Care free was styled in a tan stucco finish.  Even the Subway, gas stations, and Blockbusters of the world had to conform to this standard. It was really unique but was really difficult to find a anything since everything looked the same.  We rented a golf cart and used that as our main source of transportation. Okay side note, the orange juice at the restaurant was the best in the World!  I need to figure out the oranges they use because it tasted like every orange juice wants to taste. Ok getting back on topic.

Christa from Studio photography really had some of the best branding classes. This class was completely worth the entire trip for me.  I encourage any photographer to attend her convention.  I met so many wonderful photographers like AltF, Jerry Ghonis, Dennis Reggie and The Bebbs. To be honest I saw so many great photographers I felt completely inspired no matter where I looked.  There programs really inspired me to be the best photographer. Very inspiring.

The week went by really fast but I will attend next year without a doubt.