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Chicago Wedding Photography at Palmer House and Holy Name Catheral – Matt and Carmela

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We’ve been very lucky this wedding season to be able to photograph some very decadent and luxurious wedding venues in and around Chicago, and we continued our tour of elegance with Matt and Carmela’s wedding ceremony at Holy Name Cathedral and reception at the Palmer House Hilton in downtown Chicago.  Matt and Carmela are the quintessential urban Chicago couple, and their special day reflected their big city lifestyle.

Sweethearts since their junior year of high school, Matt and Carmela have spent the last seven years learning to love each other, maturing together, developing private jokes, and building a life to share.  As their relationship grew more serious, Matt realized that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Carmela.  On an annual family holiday to Calabria, Italy – Carmela’s father’s hometown – Matt surprised Carmela with a beautiful engagement ring and asked her to be his wife.

We met up with Carmela and her entourage at the Palmer House Hilton on a bright and cheerful Saturday morning.  They had reserved a large suite for their wedding day headquarters and preparations were well under way.  The team from Appease already had Carmela in the chair to highlight her European bone structure and tease her long hair into ringlets, and the hairspray mingled with the aroma from the roses, perfumes, and faint hints of leather.  While the girls were finishing hair and makeup, we had a little photo shoot with Carmela’s gorgeous accessories.   She had several strands of heirloom pearls to compliment her stunning Vera Wang gown, and the ladies had fun deciding on the perfect necklace length while Carmela wound a strand around her wrist. With some help from her bridesmaids, she slid into her sparkly shoes and her transformation into a beautiful bride was complete.

We caught up with Matt and his Groomsmen in their suite at the Palmer House as they were enjoying a little lunch while getting ready.  We could already tell that it was not going to be a dull day with the shenanigans already taking place – these guys were a riot!  Matt put the finishing touches on his attire – love the Burberry cufflinks – and we were ready to head over to Holy Name Cathedral.

Words cannot describe the sense of awe and grandeur behind the large bronze doors of the Holy Name Cathedral.  Seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago, the Holy Name Cathedral has served the Chicago area for 137 years and has a history as colorful as its stained glass windows.  Carmela joined her father and made her way down the aisle to Matt to the melody from the beautiful organ above.  Surrounded by family and friends under the soaring wooden ceilings, Matt and Carmela became husband and wife.

Chicago Wedding Photography - Photographer Palmer House (31)

Matt and Carmela wisely chose to have all of their festivities in downtown Chicago, so we had plenty of time to take some fun photos with the bridal party in the city and on the shore of Lake Michigan between the ceremony and reception.  It was such a bright and sunny day – with not a cloud in the sky – and those lake breezes were incredibly refreshing.  Everyone relaxed once the ceremony was complete, and we had some good times goofing around with bridal party.  The faint sounds of music and laughter drifted over from the boats on the lake and the city skyline loomed behind the couple, an incredible urban backdrop.  Special thanks go to Matt’s father, Tom, for his calm and perseverance when dealing with the Chicago traffic cops – he definitely earned his drinks at the cocktail hour!

After a cocktail hour that was held in the spacious balconies and alcoves that overlooked the lobby at the Palmer House, white-gloved staff lined the staircase to The Empire room, welcoming guests into the reception with glasses of champagne.  Inside, the crystal chandeliers softly illuminated tables that were decorated with lovely hydrangea and orchid centerpieces courtesy of Floral Events.  Matt and Carmela chose to keep their guest favors simple and elegant, with the traditional Jordan almonds and a note on each table indicating that a donation had been made on behalf of the guests to the Children’s Memorial Hospital.

Chicago Wedding Photography - Photographer Palmer House (19)

Chicago Wedding Photography - Photographer Palmer House (12)

In between courses, guests were treated to several funny and touching toasts, as well as a special dance performance by Carmela’s younger sister, Gioia.  We were absolutely blown away by this young lady’s talent and grace, and we’re certain that her future holds a lead role in a world-renowned dance troupe.

After dinner and entertainment, Peter from AdmitOne DJ opened up the dance floor for guests to join Matt and Carmela.  We’re pretty sure that we witnessed ‘The Worm’ at one point, and everyone was having a great time.  Matt and Carmela, thank you so much for inviting us to photograph your wonderful downtown Chicago wedding!  We had an absolute blast spending the day with you and your amazing group of people, and we hope to see you again soon!


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  • July 6, 2012 - 5:15 pm

    Carmela Zappani - These pictures are absolutely beautiful! Our wedding day could not have been captured in a better way 🙂ReplyCancel

  • July 7, 2012 - 2:10 am

    Agata Zappani - Joshua, I don`t know when and where but one thing is sure that you are mine photographer for my next three daughters. You are absolutely amazing in what you do. I am so glad we found you. Carmela`s wedding dress, flowers and photographer were our first picks. You proved us that first picks are always the best. We fell in love with your artwork instantly. Thank you for capturing every moment and giving me the opportunity of reliving this day all over again.ReplyCancel

  • July 7, 2012 - 6:50 pm

    Jan Pedersen - Beautiful pictures.ReplyCancel

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