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Chicago Headshot Photography – Timothy Sullivan Actor Spotlight

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We get the opportunity to meet so many incredible people when shooting headshots for Chicago actors – folks who have charm, charisma, and flair in spades.  During the shoot, we get to find out their inspirations for acting and their dreams for making it big.  Now, we know that you’ll likely see some of these people on the big screens, but we’d like to give you a chance to get to know these entertainers personally.   We’ve developed a series here at Joshua Albanese Photography to highlight some of our talented clients and share some of the details about them and promote their cause.  We hope you enjoy!

Name: Timothy Sullivan


How did you get started in acting?

In middle school, I was in a choir called the Wild River Boys Choir. The Northern Lakes Arts Center asked the choir for some options to audition for the part of Amahl in Amahl and the Night Visitors. I was cast and got my first experience with acting in a production. It was magical and challenging and led to me to getting more and more involved in theater. For a little boy who often had trouble getting picked on by other kids, the theater community was an accepting and loving place for me to be. By the time I left high school, I knew I wanted to make acting my career.

What type of schooling did you take (if any) and have you found it instrumental to your success?

I studied theater and classical singing at Lawrence University and acting in graduate school at Western Illinois University. At Lawrence, I took far more classes outside of my majors than within them. As an artist, interdisciplinary learning and the liberal arts are something I highly value. Art after all is not about art, it is about the world, humanity, society, and life. It helped develop a versatility and curiosity to my thinking that has been useful in all phases of my life.

At Western Illinois I studied theater intensely for three years. One of the best parts of it was having classmates and teachers who knew me and my strengths and weaknesses and were completely honest about them in class and productions. I owe much of where I am as an actor to my time there.

Who is your current agent or representative?

None currently.

Do you have a favorite technique you use when approaching a role?

I don’t really have a favorite technique. My favorite technique is whichever one(s) works for the role I am working on. The more techniques you can use and have at your disposal the better off you will be. That’s part of why it is so important for an actor to never stop studying their craft. There is always more to learn.

What is your dream for your future in this industry?

I would love to be able to work in theater, musicals, opera, and film. There are not many artists who have been lucky enough to be able to do so but there are a few.

Any favorite moments from a play, commercial, or film that made you feel great?

I read some poems at a National Arts Conference at the Kennedy Center when I was in middle school. I read The Tiger by William Blake and Dreams and The Dream Catcher by Langston Hughes. When I was done reading I took the elevator down and walked around to the lobby and into the theater to watch the other performers. As I was walking down the stairs my path was blocked by a very tall pair of legs. I looked up and saw that it was an elderly African-American man and he was crying. He knelt down and hugged me, leaned back and looked in my eyes and said, “You have no idea how much it meant to me to see a little white boy read a black man’s poetry.” This was when I was in 6th grade and the first time it really dawned on me that art and theater could go beyond just fun and enjoyment. It could also have profound meaning for people.

How do you feel about the state of the Chicago (film, theatre, or commercial) industry?

I feel Chicago is a great place to be for a young artist because there are so many opportunities and it is a very welcoming, supportive community.

Chicago Actor Headshot Photographer Joshua Albanese

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