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Chicago Headshot Photography – Fred Orth Actor Spotlight

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We get the opportunity to meet so many incredible people when shooting headshots for Chicago actors – folks who have charm, charisma, and flair in spades.  During the shoot, we get to find out their inspirations for acting and their dreams for making it big.  Now, we know that you’ll likely see some of these people on the big screens, but we’d like to give you a chance to get to know these entertainers personally.   We’ve developed a series here at Joshua Albanese Photography to highlight some of our talented clients and share some of the details about them and promote their cause.  We hope you enjoy!

Name: Fred Orth

How did you get started in acting?

Well, my sister was volunteering at a local theatre and the director of the next performance of “Oliver” asked her if she knew any adult men who would be interested. She came to me as I did some minor acting in high school. I showed up at the audition but told the director I wasn’t sure if I would be able to make the performances as I had many conflicts at the time. She said, “its okay, just audition anyway.” Well, I auditioned and the director told me I got a part if I was still interested. I double checked my schedule and I was not able to make it. But after that I auditioned for the next play “While the lights were out” got a part and its been fun ever since.(but a lot of hard work). 🙂

What type of schooling did you take (if any) and have you found it instrumental to your success?

I never took any acting courses of any sort. As I look back my whole life has been a stage(as many people say). I love the action and then the reaction people make(good or bad)from my antics. So, when I stepped on a stage and had to do it “for real” it was like I have been doing it my whole life.

Who is your current agent or representative?

Jennifer’s Talent

Do you have a favorite technique you use when approaching a role?

I like to think of how this person would act in certain situations and then apply them to my own. This is easier for me to make it real. Because I want to be myself as this person.(and really sell it!!!)

What is your dream for your future in this industry?

I have way too many. I would love to do it all But something I can manage. Its a very tempting yet taxing industry. Acting/dancing are strong for me yet I have no professional experience. I did take a voice over course which I love and I could see myself doing that too. I have a very unique voice and I know there is a niche out there for me. I have been told I have a specific look and could do modeling as well. That is the direction Jennifer’s talent would like to start with me. Singing….well what can I say. I can sing but I have a unique voice and is my weakest area so that would only be something I could do in small specific situations. But I am not afraid to try anything.

Any favorite moments from a play, commercial, or film that made you feel great?

I had a lead role in “Blithe Spirit”. Charles Condemmine(sp?). This performance was directed by Herb Kelner(sp?). He is a professional Opera director from Chicago who did a great job and I loved working with him. My last line was about a page and a half and was alone on stage. The second Friday’s show I was right in the middle of the line when I completely dropped it. I got up walked over to a picture of me and my second wifes wedding picture. Said a few words to her as I struggled inside to find the rest of my line. I think 45 seconds went by but it felt like 2 hours. It finally came to me put the picture down stepped to my right and finished the show like nothing had happened. Wow….I will never ever forget that.

How do you feel about the state of the Chicago (film, theatre, or commercial) industry?

I am from Milwaukee and don’t know a lot about the industry in Chicago. But I know it is a mecca for all the above and would love to get the chance to go down and prove what I can do.

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