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Chicago Engagement Proposal – Roy and Kassidy

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Once in awhile you get the chance to photograph an amazing couple’s proposal, but to have the chance to do it twice is just a dream come true! What better way could a Chicago Photographer  learn about a couple then witness the very beginning of a life-long commitment. This proposal started as Roy and Kass spent the morning checking out  A New Leaf for a possible wedding venue. Most of you might even be more confused as to why a proposal was done while looking at wedding venues.  It started out as just a way to see how their perfect wedding might look, but soon it became apparent that planning a wedding without a ring or date  becomes very difficult.

To make matters worse the ring they wanted at Tiffany and Co. has a 3-4 month waiting list! But one of my best friends, Melanie Pearl, works at Tiffany and knew this couldn’t wait so she pulled some magic only she knows how and special ordered a brand new ring that hasn’t even been released yet. It’s part of Tiffany’s new collection. This all happened within a week, and once the ring was secured the only thing Roy wanted was someone to capture it. And that’s where I come into the picture.



Congratulations and best wishes Roy and Kassidy!  The two of you make a great team and your wedding and marriage will be phenomenal.