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Wedding and Reception in Lincoln Park, Chicago – Roy and Kass

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We love Roy and Kass, not just because they’re a great couple, but also because they have the distinction of being the first couple we have photographed from ‘Yes!’ to ‘I Do!’

Roy first contacted us when he was planning his surprise proposal to Kassidy – he had an elaborate plan devised and wanted us to help capture her reaction.  Kass had no idea, and was certainly surprised when Roy dropped to one knee in front of A New Leaf and offered her a stunning solitaire engagement ring from Tiffany.  Joshua, posing as the typical Chicago tourist, captured everything from his post across the street.

Almost a year later, we all gathered again at A New Leaf to celebrate their marriage.  We’re so glad Roy and Kass chose to hold their wedding and reception here – A New Leaf is quite possibly one of the coolest (and most fragrant) venues we’ve been to in downtown Chicago.  They offer not only exotic arrangements and flowers by-the-stem, there’s also a room with cacti and succulents, a wall packed with a rainbow of candles, and a second building where we found everything from driftwood and river stones to vintage tile.  Nestled between the two buildings is a small courtyard filled with antique plant stands, small sitting areas, and seemingly a thousand terra cotta pots.  We were a little sad to hear that they would be closing for 2013 for renovations, but we can’t wait to see the improvements they make!

Roy and Kass picked the Hotel Lincoln, just around the corner from A New Leaf, for their wedding preparations.  The vibe at the Hotel Lincoln is a mix of eclectic and vintage 1950’s cool, making us feel like we were on a set of Mad Men.  There were a number of great locations inside the hotel for photos, and we made sure to take advantage of the gallery wall on the staircase for Roy and Kass’s first look.  The second floor featured an almost empty lobby full of period furniture that we also couldn’t resist.

Despite the rain, Roy and Kass decided to do a quick photowalk to take photos at some of their favorite Chicago locations.  Roy carried the 1950’s vibe through the photoshoot, channeling Gene Kelly in ‘Singin in the Rain’ for what was my favorite image from the day.

Back at A New Leaf, Roy and Kass’s closest friends and family gathered upstairs for the ceremony.  Love, support, and happiness filled the room, warming the wood floors and exposed brick walls.


While we were upstairs witnessing Roy and Kass’s union, the team from Corky’s Catering was downstairs putting the final touches of yellow and gray to the reception décor.  BomBon Bakery provided the gorgeous tiered cake that featured delicate petals cascading down the sides.

We have heard nothing but great things about the DJ Roy and Kass selected, Toast and Jam.  (And also, isn’t that the cleverest name for a DJ ever?)  They are a girly-girl company (even the lone male DJ), and they spun some of the best sets we’ve ever heard at a wedding.  We were also very pleased with the music direction Roy and Kass gave – can you still remember the lyrics to Salt n’ Pepa’s ‘Shoop’ too?

At the end of the night, Joshua still hadn’t gotten all of those terra cotta pots out of his head, so we stole Roy and Kass away for a few quick shots in the courtyard before we said our goodbyes.

Roy and Kass, we are so humbled that you chose us to document your relationship from proposal to wedding.  We’ve gotten to know you both so well and we’re so pleased to be able to call you our friends.  We hope to see you again soon!

If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Chicago, or Northwest Indiana, to capture the memorable moments at your wedding, and interested in our availability and pricing, please drop us a line using the online inquiry form here.


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