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What Bill Gates taught me.

I have always thought about what my time is worth. Remembering what someone had said about Bill Gates always inspired me “If Bill Gates found a $100 bill on the ground it will cost more for him to stop and pick up the money than to continue walking.”  Wow, what a powerful thought. Moving forward will net him more money than stopping for the discarded $100 bill. Even Bill would pick up the money so don’t get me wrong but its the idea of moving forward is worth more than stopping.  I have always lived this in my business and my life. I value my time for doing tasks both personal and business wise.  I wont drive 30 minutes to save $10 dollars as my time is worth more than that. All of our time is worth more if our extra 30 minutes is spent making up that$10+  and I believe it is for me. I encourage you to add up your time over a week and see what you could have spent on making money instead of picking up money.

“Moving forward is the key to forward thinking.”

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